Automatic tray erector for folding and gluing blank of length up to 2000 mm and foot print maximum of 600 x 400 mm. The machine workflows start from picking the blank from the pallet, folding and gluing corner posts and sides. In special release the machine can run boxes with a footprint of 1000X600 mm.

Technical specifications

Maximum speed up up to 720 trays/h
Electrical supply 400 V+N+T/50Hz
Compressed air consumption Max 54 m3/h
Working pressure 6 bar
Required power 13 Kw


  PF03 T3
length (mm) 3040 8060
height (mm) 1932 1560
width (mm) 2460 2140
Approximate weight (Kg) 2100 2600


Working cycle


Tray Sizes

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