Automatic lidding machine for top covers in corrugated board. The open top trays are conveyed on a belt through the machine, which folds the lid directly on the box. The lid can be loose or glued to the box depending on the customer’s own requirements. The machine can run a wide range of lid sizes and shapes which can fit the packaging needs of every market, from industry to small retail. As a matter of fact, the CK01 machine can fold standard lids for the protection of the products during transport as well as special irregular shapes, whose clever design allows to easily convert transit cases to cost effective on-shelf display boxes for the final point of purchase.

Technical specifications

Maximum speed up up to 1000 lid/h*
Electrical supply 400 V+N+T/50Hz
Compressed air consumption Max 18 m3/h
Working pressure 6 bar
Required power 6 Kw



Working cycle

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