The automatic tray former model FT2K is the ideal link between our punnet machine and the standard tray former for cardboard trays. The mechanical system for the transport of the blank from the magazine to the forming area guarantees the accurate and constant positioning of the blank, which allows a very high precision in the folding and gluing process. The FT2K is very compact but features an open design and easy access for all standard maintenance operations and format change. High production speed, easy handling and reliability in time are guaranteed by the considerable expertise of TECO in the field of packaging. The FT2K is available in several configurations, for the folding and gluing of standard trays for fresh produce, conical trays or even more complicated constructions, which allows this versatile machine to apply for all different production needs.

Technical specifications

Maximum speed up to 2400 trays/h
Electrical supply 400V (3 Ph+N+T) / 50Hz
Max compressed air consumption 3.3 m3/h
Working pressure 6 bar
Required power 5.7 kW

Machine dimensions


Working cycle


Achiveable formats


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